Saturday, 18 November 2017

Interpretation and Translation Services in Shenzhen

This website is a provider of professional Chinese translation services with verified Chinese translators or certified Cantonese and Mandarin interpreters.
It is also able to immediately recognize which translator will be most suitable for your project, whether it's for document translation services, legal translation services, website localization services, medical translation services, marketing translation services, financial services or any other translation services.
They also provide live Chinese translation services in which a Chinese translator translates for you over the phone Should you need Chinese interpreters for other dialects; we can also help you with services from other Chinese interpreters at our company.
Straker Translations is the specialist in Simplified Chinese to English and English to Simplified Chinese translation services.
The scope of services includes translation, writing and editing services in several Chinese languages, including Simplified and Cantonese.
They provide simultaneous interpretation and translation services all over the world which always delivered by specialist Chines and Cantonese translators.
No matter what your Chinese translation needs are, they can provide for them.
They have been helping clients worldwide for over a decade.
Their network of experts in Chinese translation services provides top-quality linguistic support.
You can learn more About Us here.
The company is located in Shenzhen

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

What To Eat In Shenzhen

Although it is one of the richest cities in China, Actually, Shenzhen has never been famous for its food or restaurants.However, visitors can find any type of restaurant and any price range in Shenzhen.  You can eat Chinese and western style foods in a wide range of restaurants and bars.     
                                                    Shenzhen Night View
Since it is a new city it has no culinary tradition. The population of Shenzhen is a mixture of people from all around China where each province has its own cousin.
Like everyone in China the people in  Shenzhen like tea-drinking, especially in the morning. Hunan an Sichuan provinces have the most popular food which locals eat a lot of. The most famous is the Sichuan hot pot, you should try it. If you like more familiar food beside Indian restaurants, you will find pizza, steak, hamburger and Middle Eastern restaurant which are also popular and have become the favourite restaurant meals in local restaurants.
To help you plan your trip to provides travel information and tips about how to get to Shenzhen, where to shop, what to do, where to eat and more.
You can read more here.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Professional Limousine & Car Rental Services in Shenzhen

Whether you are a first or frequent visitor, Shenzhen has so much excitement to offer – international standard tourist facilities, historical sites, busy streets, non-stop shopping, bar streets, various museums and exciting markets.

Travel Shenzhen by car with a private driver
We have a  rental car fleet with various vehicles. Your rental car with a licensed driver in Shenzhen will help you see what you are going to see and see it all! All our chauffeurs have received strict training in the limo service professionalism. They will offer you the quick and safe limousine service.

Foreigners are not allowed to drive in Shenzhen unless they are foreign permanent residents. They can apply for a Chinese driver’s license, but this is not the preferred option due to extremely hazardous and over-crowded roads. Cars and vans with English speaking drivers are available for rent. This option is suitable for families travelling together or groups of friends who prefer a more customized and private means of transportation. is a professional  business limousine service and ground transportation provider in Shenzhen, China that provides you professional, courteous drivers to chauffeur you to your Shenzhen destinations quickly, safely and stress-free We offer a range of limousine services, available 24hrs a day, including HK Airport transfer, chauffeured car rental limousine service in Shenzhen downtown, private   guided tours, intercity transfers to and from Hong Kong, executive security services and more. We use only experienced, courteous drivers, many of whom can speak English, to safely deliver you to your destinations promptly using the most efficient routes.

Monday, 25 September 2017

SEO Services in Shenzhen

HexaSeo is a leading SEO company in Shenzhen, specializing in search engine optimization and marketing that will increase traffic, ranks, and sales online. Blog Posts Quality Blog Posts To Boost Traffic Coming To Your Website Articles High-quality guest posts published on relevant, credible blogs Press Release Industry-Driven Press Releases to Build Authority and Reputation. Highly Creative Infographics To Bring New Visitors Videos Meticulously Designed Quality Videos that Create A Buzz Video Get Exclusive Access To Our Newly Designed CLIENT DASHBOARD SEO Tool! Salient Features Of Our New Dashboard:

30 Days Group Visa To China

For example: If the visa is issued on January 1, registrants must enter China before January 15th.

As the visa validity is only 30 days and is calculated from the date of issuance of the visa (visa for this is the day of the visa application), you are advised to make your request two or three weeks before starting.Sinon, validity visas may expire before you leave.

The visa holder must enter China before the expiry of the validity of visa and stay there legally and according to the length of stay stated on the visa, calculated from the date of each entry.

Delay of treatment
1 working day (the day of deposit included)
Delivery time
2 days
Necessary documents
1. Electronic Photo:
* blue background Photo
* Photo Limited between 20K-80K, 354 * 472 pixels, JPG
* Put the name and surname as a title picture

2. A list of names of all the travellers of the group.

3. China travel plans with indications of dates and cities for entry and departure for China (contact your travel agent for this document)

4. Photocopies picture or scanned passports * (photo page, a most recent visa from another country). NO PASSPORT APPLICATION!

5. Cheap international electronics plane (return)

6. Contact to receive the visa via DHL (the mandatory mobile number)

* Passport
validity must be at least six months from the date of the request.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Mermaids Make a Splash at Shenzhen Ocean Expo

ADEX, Also known as the Shenzhen International Dive and Watersport Expo,  
The event was organized in conjunction with ‘mermaid schools’ in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.
The mermaid segment of the expo was a first for ADEX and was expected to draw more than 200 participates to the ‘Mermaid Challenge’ – a showcase of each mermaid’s unique character, performance and swimming skills.

Mermaids at ADEX Shenzhen Ocean Festival.

Weber Shandwick expands Chinese operations to Shenzhen

Weber Shandwick has expanded its presence in China with the opening of an office in Shenzhen. Leo Tang has been appointed the head of Shenzhen and will lead the new office.