Thursday, 5 April 2018

Shenzhen Electronics Wholesale Markets

A tour through the Huaqiangbei market, an extensive collection of wholesalers who are selling everything from iPhones to PCB. This is the place you come to figure out how your next gadget will get made, haggling with vendors who act as a front office for component suppliers and manufacturing facilities spread across China. Our guide was Jasmone Wei. As we roamed through the halls, she explained that the nature of the marketplace was evolving. It was still a place where merchants, inventors, and entrepreneurs come together to shop for components when they wanted to build a prototype. But increasingly the market was also the source of its own creations, spinning up new takes on hoverboards, drones, CCTV cameras and selfie sticks with unique modifications that might just prove to be the next big seller around the globe.

  Mobile smartphones, computers, gadgets, clone iPhone & iPad cases, and accessories. There are also several stores around here selling drones, and one dedicated to DJI drones and accessories with attractive prices on my last visit. Toy quadcopters are everywhere. 

Shenzhen’s Electronics Wholesale Markets Paradise

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