Thursday, 12 April 2018

Summary of the Shenzhen Fashion Week 2018

Shenzhen fashion week took place at Shenzhen’s new cultural landmark -- Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning featured three brand-new runways constructed to international standards. There were over 200 brands, and designers from more than ten countries staged nearly 90 fancy shows. To match the theme of “Bring fashion to art,” international artists organized various showroom exhibitions and fashion events. S

Over 80 runway events held during the fashion week. From March 13 to 19, there were 12 shows by brands and designers held at the A, B and C halls at the new downtown cultural landmark

 Leading the way is Shenzhen Fashion week, and this year over 200 brands participated. As a close neighbor of Shenzhen, Macau sent five local brands to attend this grand event. Essential Macau rounds up the standout pieces and names to note.

In addition to shows, were also be events, such as the opening and closing celebrations, fashion/art exhibits, 'innovation salons' and various brand events.

 On March 18, fashion designer Esa Liang attended 2018 Shenzhen Fashion Week (Autumn/Winter) where she displayed her latest collection themed "Grandma's Home." Based on her childhood memories, Ms. Liang blended the classical with the contemporary in creating her designs, delivering to the fashion show a collection that revealed in its contrasts. Esa asks the customer to explore the traditional home where her grandmother lived and the fantastic wardrobe that was part and parcel of this home. The house and the closet are the stories behind her latest collection and the story that Esa wants everyone to hear.
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