Sunday, 1 April 2018

Shenzhen International UAV Industry Expo

Chinas role in the market is still and for a while firmly located in the consumer drone area. Due to the prosperous lead of DJI to gain ground in the professional and commercial sector, China has an essential role in the industrial UAV deployment, e.g. to build up experience and capability for end-user solutions. Regarding the applied industry, the agriculture sector has the most significant growth rates and total plowshare of UAV applications. China is the biggest manufacturer and user of agriculture spraying UAVs.

DJI is the world's leader in the civilian drone and aerial imaging technology industry, accounting for 85% of the worldwide consumer drone market. Its drone technology has been used globally for the music, television and film industries,
A display titled the 5th Shenzhen International UAV  Expo that focuses on UAV industry was held in the city through June 23 to 27. About 200 manufacturers displayed more than 230 latest drones, hold fixed-wing drones, multi-propeller drones, and even airships.

In a specification of Shenzhen’s guidelines, small and light drones flying at low height cannot risk civil aviation safety as long as they are outside the clearance area of an airfield, within 10 kilometers away from both sides of the runway, and 20 from both ends. Thus, there is no need to set a no-fly zone in the above-mentioned areas. Actually, if all UAVs were forbidden within 20 kilometers from of both runways in some smaller cities, it would have huge impacts.

As UAV demand surges, it produces an ecosystem of industry participants who have technological, but not agricultural, backgrounds. New technical academies, for instance, are instruction enrollees how to exercise the flying devices, equipping them with expertise on government regulations, GPS programming, and data interpretation.

“Shenzhen had about 400 drone brands in 2017, and 20 percent of them exited the market last year. The consumer drone market is dominated by DJI and barely any of these drone manufacturers in Shenzhen raised new capital last year

According to a report by National Business Daily, there were over 400 drone makers and research firms in China as of December 2015. Of those, over 300 were based in Shenzhen, including the world’s largest drone maker DJI.

Recently, Shenzhen has become the world's drone capital. It has a 70 percent market share of the global consumer drone market with more than 300 companies dedicated to the unmanned aerial vehicle business alone, including DJI, the world's largest drone-maker. These companies are generating $3 billion in sales annually, according to Yang Jincai, director of Shenzhen UAV Industry Association.

Relying on the unmatched advantages of worldwide UAV industry base, Shenzhen has increasingly become the market benchmark of UAV industry. Shenzhen had drawn a plenty of renowned UAV corporation due to its business policy, which supplies immense support for the evolution of UAV industry, particularly for novel startups and private enterprises.
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